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Write a Killer Script

A detailed insight into using stories and messaging to turn prospects into customers.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • What makes a great story
  • The 6 pillars of a great story
  • Why storytelling matters and how you can use it to win new customers
  • Examples of great stories and examples of poor stories

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What You'll Learn In This Book 

Why storytelling? Is it even important?

You might be thinking, “Why is storytelling important in the workplace? It’s business. People make decisions based on logic and rational reasons. Stories are nice, but they aren’t essential in the workplace.”

That’s a common way of thinking, but it’s often untrue. 

People don't remember facts...

People don’t remember facts without content. They remember stories. They remember how they felt during the time of an encounter. Customers buy because of emotional reasons and then justify it with facts. Most customers are motivated and engaged, not by numbers, but by the stories and imagery that surround them.

Stories help your customers remember you!

We’ve created this ebook to help you turn prospects into customers with engaging ways of persuasion. Stories create good content and elicit an emotional response. This helps businesses be remembered and can keep an audience engaged.

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